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Injected Dermal Fillers Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes

Many people become unhappy with the appearance of the skin around their eyes as they get older. The corners of the eyes are prone to developing fine lines commonly called crow’s feet, although a more pleasant point of view is indicated by the term laugh lines. Eyelids can sag and become noticeably puffy. Another problem experienced by many people involves dark circles under the eyes that give the impression that the individual is always tired or even ill. Surgery at a clinic such as Cosmetic Concierge can help with all of these problems, allowing the patient to look years younger. When people want to learn objective viewpoints about cosmetic concierge charlotte nc reviews can help.

Dark circles often appear when tissue beneath the skin under the lower eyelids becomes thinner and leaves a hollow area where fat and collagen normally would be. The effect is medically known as orbital hollowing. The skin under the eyes is already naturally thin, which is a reason cosmetic experts strongly advise against rubbing the eyes and irritating this relatively fragile skin. One effective strategy for reducing the appearance of dark circles is for the surgeon to inject a dermal filler into this hollow area. Hyaluronic acid products are most commonly used for this purpose; they are available under several brand names.

Many people are nowhere near their senior citizen years when they develop under-eye dark circles. A person who is in his or her 30s or 40s may feel justifiably distressed at the gradual worsening of those circles, which can be noticeable enough to look like violet or blue-black makeup has been applied. The problem is particularly visible in bright light because of shadow effects, meaning the person may feel self-conscious at work or outside in natural light.

Cosmetic fillers are not miracle substances for this purpose. They typically do not completely eradicate the shadows, but they have significant positive effects. At the present time, these fillers would need to be injected about once a year to maintain the positive results. Of course, this depends on each individual patient. Cosmetic surgeons are happy to answer all questions prospective patients have during an initial consultation.