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Avoid Pregnancy

1. Try using birth control – Using birth controlling methods are one of the best ways to avoid pregnancy. Always settle on a birth control strategy. You can use the natural way or the artificial way. There are various choices you can choose from. You can use the calendar method, abstinence or basal body temperature for the natural ways. For the artificial ones, you can use pills, intrauterine device, condoms and all other contraceptives. You can always visit the family planning experts and seek some counsel. They are greatly equipped with much knowledge and they are fit to educate you with the advantages and disadvantages. Stick with what you have chosen and see its effectiveness.

2. Recognize signs of ovulation – For women, it is important that you know some signs of ovulation. Ovulation is the time when a female egg is released into the fallopian tube to unite with the sperm. This is actually the root of conception. When you are fertile, it would most likely take a hundred percent possibility of getting pregnant. Knowing the signs of ovulation will help you avoid direct sexual intercourse, therefore, preventing the occurrence of pregnancy. Some signs of ovulation include breast tenderness, clear and sticky discharges.

3. Avoid sex during menstruation – Try to avoid sex during menstruation. You may not be aware of it completely, but there are great chances of getting pregnant when having sex during menstrual period. Menstrual period does not give you the exact sign when the ovum or egg is being released. It can be released anytime while you are doing the intercourse. Once the sperm is also released, there is a great probability that you will conceive. The sperm has longer days to live so it can unite with a fertile egg within that span of time.